Tuesday, September 8, 2009

School is in session

Today is the day all parents (and grandparents) wait for. The return to a normal schedule and earlier bedtimes. It's a big year for all 3 grandchildren here. Morgan starts Pre-K. She was very excited and there was no hesitation at all. She hopped right on the school bus with a big smile. Noah is in 3rd grade- the hot shots of their school. Zach is a high school freshman. Sigh... Tonight we are having a pizza party so we can here about everyone's day.

So...did you figure out what Steve and I did for fun yesterday? No? We went shopping and we bought a new car!! I absolutely love it! It is a 2009 Toyota Venza. It is very roomy and has a really smooth ride. We are already thinking about taking a vacation in it.

Monday, September 7, 2009

The {un} official end of summer

Where did the summer go or did we ever really have one? We started off with a very wet spring and went into a mild summer. There were only a couple weeks of really hot weather, however you wouldn't know that by looking at a couple of my electric bills. It was cool out today so we didn't even get in the pool. Steve and I were busy washing windows and windowsills inside and out. We also did something that was fun. Can you guess what it was? Think about it and check back in tomorrow. I'll post a photo of what we did.

First day of school is tomorrow also. The grandkids are all tucked in bed at home in anticipation of their first day back. Pictures to follow of that, as well.