Thursday, February 5, 2009


I think I could be a weather person and predict as well as the ones I watch. When the storm was brewing they told us 2-4" of snow. Then things slowed down and they said 1-3". Well, we woke up yesterday to almost 10" of snow! Of course this brought a smile to Steve's face because he would FINALLY get to use that snow blower he bought over 3 years ago. The kids got to stay home of course, so I walked across the street and snapped a few pictures of them playing in the snow.

The creative juices were flowing here over the weekend and I finally scrapped a layout that I have had in my head for a while. Morgan was a flower girl in a wedding back in August and she looked beautiful and I couldn't resist using this title on a layout.

Today I am off to get a manicure and our tax appointment is tonight. Other than that just getting things together for my girls' weekend at the beach.


jandbsmom said...

Glad you got the snow and we didn't. Of course it was -10 actual this morning when I left for work. Love the layout of Morgan. She's such a beautiful young lady. :D

Jules said...

Amazing pics Laura and what a beautiful layout, as usual!

(and my word verification for your blog was "scodom"...hmmmm!)lol