Monday, October 26, 2009

Are you ready for Halloween?

When I was growing up we would head out for trick-or-treating with our pillowcases. When we filled it up we would run home and get another pillow case and head back out. We lived in a large neighborhood so we would hit every house on every street. What fun! After I got married and had children, for some reason, Halloween didn't seem fun anymore. There was always the pressure to come up with fun costumes for the kids. It became a task. As the kids grew up and decided to not dress up anymore I was one happy momma! Now the pressure was off and I could enjoy the holiday:) I decorate more now than I did in the past. Steve enjoys it as well. In addition to candy Steve grills hot dogs. Each child, if they want it, gets a hot dog and a cup of warm apple cider. Our house is the big hit on the block. Do you give out anything special to your trick-or-treaters? If so please share.

Speaking of decorations, I just finished my Halloween tree yesterday that you see in the picture. And the little ghostie candles I made last year. Very simple- glass jars painted with white acrylic paint on the outside and a black sharpie pen to make the faces. Can't get any easier than that!

I have been doing quite a bit of scrapping lately so tomorrow's post will be some layouts and projects.


mmullenix said...

Laura - I LOVE your tree - that is adorable!

We usually combine forces w/ the neighbors. We cook chili and the kids hand out candy.

Hope you have a GREAT Halloween!

csewy said...

Your tree is adorable!!! My sister does something like this at Easter!!

I live in an area where I don't get a lot of trick or treaters, so the ones that do come by get homemade brownies!! My boss, the local dentist, hands out toothbrushes. He lives in an area that is super busy and usually hands out over 300 toothbrushes!!! A good reminder to the kids to brush!!!

Amy said...

You did a fantastic job with your little tree Laura!! So cute!!

I am lovin' that toothbrush idea...

We don't hand out anything special, although last year I did make little candy holders with a couple pieces of candy in them for the kids I know in our neighborhood. Strange kids only got one piece LOL

Deb said...

That tree is so cute! What a great idea!

We don't get many trick-or-treaters out here in the country. I get the kids dressed up and take them to a few of our relative's houses, and that's it. And I hate to be like this, but with all of the sickness going around here this year, I don't think we will be handing out candy at all.