Wednesday, November 12, 2008

One more day...

until Steve and Dan leave for Missouri for the big hunting trip. They will be gone for a 9 days. This pretty much leaves me the house to myself except for Brian, who when he isn't working is at Lori's, and Max. I'm sure Max will be a good watch dog, if of course he comes up out of the basement at all where he likes to sleep. LOL! Even though I will miss them while they are gone I will thoroughly enjoy the quiet time. A girl needs that occasionally.

I have some things on my calendar to fill the days including a couple dr. appts and lunch with a friend. My friend Christie that I met through the CKMB is coming over on Friday to scrap here at the house. Should be fun. I really hope to get lots of scrapping done as I have so many projects going on my desk or in my head.

Time to move on with my day. Laundry is calling.

Oh...almost forgot- Zachary came home from the mall yesterday with his ear pierced. Had permission from Dad. Can't say I am real happy about that.

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