Friday, January 2, 2009

Feeling under the weather:(

About mid-day yesterday I started having some nausea. Not sure whether it's from a pain pill the doc gave me or a stomach bug. I'm guessing the stomach bug. I do feel a little better today so hopefully it was just a 24 hour thing.

I see that my links to photos didn't work so I have to figure out how to do that. Any help is appreciated.

This weekend we are hoping to get the Christmas decorations taken down.

Hope everyone is having a great day!


Cindy Sinars said...

So sorry you are feeling sick Laura! I hope you begin feeling better soon.

As for posting pics, the blog isn't like the message board. When you are typing your post you need to click on the insert image icon at the top (a little picture button). Then you need to insert your url in the side that says something like add an image from the web. Then click the upload button. It adds a bunch of garbage (aka formatting *stuff*) to insert the image. HTH!

jandbsmom said...

Happy New Year Laura!

Hope you're feeling better. ;)