Tuesday, January 6, 2009


We have some nasty weather headed our way- snow, sleet, ice, rain. I am hoping we are on the rain end of it but I'm not sure. I don't like driving in snow or ice and tomorrow I need to be out in it. My mom is having cataract surgery and I'll be taking her.

I worked on the BG calendar kit yesterday. It's really nice and I wish I had grabbed one for myself. This one is mom's. I'll share a pic when it is finished, which I'm hoping will be tonight.

I was emailing with my friend, Nanci, last night. She is planning her spring vacation so she can come for a visit. It will be great to see her since we didn't get to the Valley Forge CK convention last year, so it has been a while. I'm looking forward to taking her shopping at the lss here and taking a drive to the beach for my favorite pizza. She says it must be good if we drive an hour for it.

Zachary had his first basketball game last night. They lost by 1 but it was a good game.


Chelle said...

I like the new look!

Deb said...

Your blog looks great! Hope your weather gets better! Stay safe!

Nanci said...

Hey I made your blog!!! I'm honored. I can't wait to see you and taste that pizza you're always talking about. Come on Spring!!!